You speak Español? Pt.1 - Dilo en Spanglish

Jun 22, 2022, 9:00 AM

So we got our first TWO Parter in El Pochcast and it’s looking at Spanish, Pochos hablando español, some of us speak it all the time, some of us now and then, and some of us rarely speak it if at all but we’re all Pochos. And it’s a two parter  Because our language is a BIG Deal, we can’t even form thoughts without language, it can be something unites us and something that separates us. Something that brings immense joy, and also intense pain. So speaking spanish, and what it means for pocho culture is a deep topic that could cover a million episodes but for now I’ll just do two. The first part deals with the pochismo of using spanish when english won’t do, and the second deals with the pochismo of not growing up fully speaking spanish. Both episodes feature the voices of pochos and pochas from all over the country and all different backgrounds

Special thanks to: Dayna Muñiz, Raul Canales, Roberto Jose Andrade Franco, Brenda of Tamarindo Podcast(LISTEN TO TAMARINDO HERE), David Estrada, and Joyce for sharing their story with me/us.

Look for Part 2 of You speak Español?

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